YaMeter – Yet Another Load Testing Tool With More Cloud

Emilian Bold

Ever since NetBeans joined the Apache Software Foundation, I’ve been wandering the Apache projects for bug fixing and such. It’s like taking a stroll in the new neighbourhood.

JMeter seemed interesting since it’s so close to NetBeans: a standalone tool.

What JMeter was lacking was easier Cloud integration.

My response to that was YaMeter, the Yet Another Meter project. Because these projects do seem to abound, but in the form of websites or startups and not necessarily tools.

Tools should be appreciated more though. There’s nothing like being in control and managing all the aspects, costs included.

Tom Hanks buys a motor scooter in the movie Larry Crowne and has a nice line in there “Pennies per mile Lamarr. Pennies!” (Found the clip online here.)

I feel it is the same with tools. Sometimes one might want to pay more for the convenience or whatever, but having the option of getting from point A to point B at a fraction of the cost is great!

How would you feel about doing your load tests at $2 / month in server and bandwidth costs? Because, you know, if you only need 2 servers each day for 1 hour, each server with 2 GB of RAM, you are looking at 5 *cents* per day. Times 20 business days in a month that makes a whole dollar! I just said $2 / month to leave something extra for egress bandwidth…

So YaMeter runs standard JMeter test plans, on Amazon EC2, with your own credentials. It doesn’t need to know your credit card or anything, you settle that with Amazon Web Services.

You just configure the geographical region(s) you want to start the servers into and how many and it does everything else automatically.

It has a Plugin Portal where I plan to add common open-source plugins and some other minor touches like a nice windowing system.

In the end, all you want is to have your report ready and look at something like this:

…knowing that it cost you almost nothing to produce it and that only you had access to this information.

YaMeter is still work in progress but if you want to be notified when builds are published, leave your contact info here or email me at [email protected]. And I really mean it: if you believe this tool would be good for you, get in touch with me.


Emilian Bold

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