YaMeter: Cloud Load Testing for Everybody

Emilian Bold

The first YaMeter installers are available!

The first YaMeter installers are available on Get them while they’re hot!

YaMeter is the culmination of what started as a few bugfixes here and there in the Apache JMeter codebase.

Soon, I realized I had many more improvements in mind and I wanted to do them at a much faster pace.

YaMeter allows you to run JMeter load tests in the Cloud, using your existing login info.

You only pay for the Cloud, nothing more. Pennies!

Starting October Amazon Web Services will bill per-second and finally get rid of their whole-hour rounding so it’s going to be a fun time running load tests.

Even if your test takes only 30 minutes, create 5 machines in the Cloud with YaMeter and let it run! You’ll have your results ready and pay only… 3 cents.

The main feature of YaMeter is that you don’t have to fidget with server IPs, ports and such. Just configure your credentials, pick your region on a map and the tool will start / stop the work servers.

There’s also an installer, a nicer UI, a plugin manager, notifications and more.

Under the hood YaMeter integrates JMeter on top of the NetBeans Platform. For a Java desktop application, like JMeter, the NetBeans Platform is really the only game in town and brings a whole lot to the table.

Something cool I’m using for the 1st time is the Exceptions Reporter. This allows users to submit their errors to Then I can prioritize my work based on what users actually encounter. It was a great find!

On the servers, I start a Docker-ized JMeter server image and communicate with that after the ports are configured and secured.

Lots of code is custom-made. JMeter had to be patched in order to be integrated in the NetBeans Platform. NetBeans Platform itself has been patched for various things. I use my own back end for the exception reporter as I wanted something simpler.

AFAIK, YaMeter is the 1st NetBeans Platform app based on the Apache codebase!

This is just the 1st release so it’s not perfect. Lots of things might go wrong and I encourage users to submit their errors from YaMeter, send me mails at [email protected] or tweet me to @emilianbold Keeping an eye on the EC2 console  wouldn’t hurt either.

I’m also open to improvement suggestions. I know the 1st one is supporting more Clouds. Not really sure which Cloud should be next: Azure?


Emilian Bold

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