Version 1.1 of DTrace GUI Plug-In For NetBeans


Version 1.1 of the open source Graphical User Interface (GUI) plugin for DTrace is now available for download from the NetBeans 6.8 Update Centre. The plug-in is a Graphical User Interface that can be installed into the Sun Studio IDE or NetBeans IDE. It uses the DTraceToolkit and Chime projects to run and visualise all of the D scripts packaged in the DTrace Toolkit, even those that are embedded in shell scripts. The output of DTrace is visualised using Chime, a tool for visualising DTrace aggregations.

Version 1.1 introduces seven new Chime displays, and new DTrace scripts from DTraceToolkit which can be used for tracing Java, JavaScripts. Php, Ruby, Python and Tcl. The package consists of NetBeans plug-in and the DTraceScripts directory.


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