GPS Based Truck Dispatch System for Tata Steel Iron Ore Mines

Truck Dispatch System for Tata Steel with NetBeans

Asutosh Gopinath

Autodespatch is a real time production monitoring system for open cast iron mines that enables the centralized monitoring, control and optimization of all mining activities.

It tracks all the vehicles, enables optimum scheduling of operations and maximizes utilization of major assets. The control room operator’s GUI is built on top of the NetBeans Platform.

Key Features:

  • Real time monitoring of equipment location
  • Automatic capturing of trip data
  • Online performance monitoring of Dumpers and Excavators
  • Flexible and customizable reporting system
  • Integration of blast hole analysis data with GIS map for better planning
  • Database Management System for archiving production data
  1. Blast Hole Chemistry on GIS map

Shows GPS locations of the blast hole position along with the quality parameters.  The GPS location of the shovel/dumper of a particular face is displayed with the blast hole location and chemical parameters. It helps the process owner to closely monitor the quality parameters for Run-of-mine (ROM) calculation.

Fig 1.1 Blast hole chemistry

Fig 1.2 Blast hole chemistry

  1. Online Map

The mapping functionality shows the current location of the GPS monitored equipment in real time and by color codes, the assignment of Heavy Earth Moving Machines (HEMM). Furthermore, user can choose to track movements of a particular HEMM. The equipment thus tracked is always displayed in the center of the map view. The map can have several layers, which allows the user to choose the display of only specific information. The map view supports convenience features like zoom in/out, pan left/right/top/bottom.

Fig 2.1 Online GPS tracking 

Fig 2.2 Online GPS tracking with status color codes

  1. Equipment Performance

Captures performance indicators like engine run hours, number of trips of dumpers being utilised and displays in form of graphs.

Fig. 3.1 Efficiency Graph ( Engine Run Hrs and No of Trips completed)

Fig. 3.2 Performance Graph of Dumpers

  1. Reports

Reporting Module generates several nicely formatted reports

Fig. 4.1 Shiftwise Daily Report

Fig. 4.2 Daily Report

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Asutosh Gopinath

Developer at Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, India.