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Seven New NetBeans Dream Team Members

Geertjan Wielenga

The NetBeans Dream Team is an organization of NetBeans enthusiasts from around the world who spread the word about NetBeans, promoting it in one or more ways, via social media channels and conferences.

Well known NetBeans Dream Team members include Adam Bien, Arun Gupta, Kirk Pepperdine, and Martijn Verburg, while the total count is around 50 from all corners of the world.

Here are some of them, during JCrete 2016:


And here’s another pic of some of the NetBeans Dream Team members, during JavaOne 2015:


Clearly, it’s a fun group! Periodically, the NetBeans Dream Team identifies candidates from the community who have a long history of highlighting NetBeans in a variety of settings and who have created plugins or played a leading role in one of the many NetBeans communities.

Candidates are discussed and voted on and that happened recently again, resulting in the following new NetBeans Dream Team members:

  • Attila Kelemen. Attila hails from Hungary. Attila has been working hard for a long time on the NetBeans Gradle plugin. Many NetBeans users have benefited from it, with many using it every single day. Gradle is “the” hot build tool in Java land. Without this support, and Attila’s hard work, NetBeans would be badly missing functionality the Java community is using.
  • Bruno Flávio (@brunoflavio_com)Based in Portugal, Bruno has been working hard on Groovy and Grails support for NetBeans. He even set up a Jenkins build server to help others work with him to merge and test: he will even do the merge for you. He’s done workshops on Grails with students in the Porto School of Engineering and he’d like to repeat such events to promote Grails and NetBeans IDE.
  • Emmanuel Hugonnet (@ehsavoie). Emmanuel is from France, works at Red Hat, and is the developer of the WildFly plugin for NetBeans IDE, which has been a standard part of NetBans for several years. He’s also been involved in the NetBeans Days held in Greece, as well as the NetBeans Days in France, and he’s interested in continuing to support those kinds of events as well.
  • Gaurav Gupta (@jGauravGupta). From India, Gaurav is the author of JPA Modeler plugin. He did a great tutorial of the tool during JavaOne 2016. Via his tool, he’s a great advocate of NetBeans, of Java, of Java EE, and related technologies. He’s worked on the tool for several years and spoke about it recently at NetBeans Day in Hyderabad too.
  • Leonardo Zanivan (@leonardopanga).  Leonardo is from Brazil. He’s played a prominent role in the NetBeans Days that have been held in Brazil over the past years and he always focuses on “What’s New in NetBeans”, i.e., he’s always really up to date with new NetBeans features. He’s also a plugin developer, having created the JSHint plugin for NetBeans IDE and his focus is on JavaScript.
  • Michael Simons (@rotnroll666). Michael is from Germany and is the leader of the Eureg JUG. He has blogged frequently about NetBeans: He’s particularly focused on Spring and Spring Boot in the context of NetBeans. Also, he recently co-organized the NetBeans evening in Cologne and is interested in organizing similar events.
  • Ryan Cuprak (@rcuprak ). Ryan is based in the US and is the leader of the Connecticut JUG. He has been promoting NetBeans for many years. Most recently, at JavaOne, he did a session entitled “JavaScript Nirvana in NetBeans” (watch it here). He’s very knowledgeable in the Java and Java EE ecosystems. He’s a co-author of the NetBeans certification guide and also co-authored EJB 3 in Action.

Membership of the NetBeans Dream Team is a sign of recognition of high quality contributions to the NetBeans community over several years. In that light, many thanks to the above new NetBeans Dream Team members for their enthusiasm and spirit of sharing! It is thanks to the continuous support of individual enthusiasts such as these that open source projects such as NetBeans are able to thrive.


Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan Wielenga works for Oracle on open source tools such as Oracle JET ( and NetBeans (