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Introducing JavaFX Scene Builder – public beta unveiled

Chris Mayer

A new UI building tool has been unveiled for JavaFX, hopefully easing UI layout

Hot off the heels of that great announcement of Stephen Chin and Jim Weaver would become JavaFX Evangelists for Oracle, the JavaFX team have revealed an exciting new JavaFX tool at JavaOne Japan.

Built entirely in JavaFX, Scene Builder is effectively a tool for laying and creating JavaFX content, but could initiate something bigger as the first step towards a more comprehensive rapid application development (RAD) tool for JavaFX. The first steps of course are the most important and this FXML editor will certainly ease people into using JavaFX.

The team has recognised that one of the most difficult build aspects is constructing the UI from the ground up and say that JavaFX Scene Builder will hopefully make this layout process easier, with an added drag and drop functionality and data binding. Finally, Scene Builder has been given some UI devotion.

The SceneBuilder was built with the intention of being embeddable in IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and NetBeans, and it is hoped that the community help create those plugins. The even better news for you is that according to JavaFX Chief Architect, Richard Bair, Scene Builder is now considered stable enough to use right from the get go. One key caveat though for this to progress is community feedback.

You can download the Scene Builder on OTN, and read more about it on the JavaFX Docs page. Once you’ve familarised yourself with the new tool, why not give the team valuable feedback via the announcement page.

Get creating! Why not use this video as a guide to get started?


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