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MongoDB 3.0 release slated for March

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News of a MongoDB 3.0 release brings promises of more power, flexibility and easier management, as the document database gets a thorough make-over.

Details on the upcoming major release of the NoSQL database MongoDB have been announced on the company’s blog. The release of MongoDB 3.0, planned for March, is said to bring substantial improvements in performance and scalability, in addition to being more flexible for users.

MongoDB 3.0

The main focus of this latest release will be on improving overall performance, with use of the Wired Tiger storage engine to ensure the write speed is up by 7-10x. The technology is engineered with latch-free, non-blocking algorithms to take advantage of large on-chip caches and heavily threaded architectures.

Thanks to transparent on-disk compression, the memory requirements are also reduced by up to 80 percent. This is due to the addition of the Wired Tiger storage engine, which allows for document-level concurrency control and push-button control with the new Ops Manager management software.

Eliot Horowitz had more to say about the new management software:

It doesn’t try to replace existing automation or provisioning tools, rather, it supports and supplements them, so ops can focus on architecture, not plumbing. Ops Manager’s API means it can be integrated into existing tooling for monitoring, backup and management.

With this latest release, the company are looking to push the envelope in data interaction semantics, in hopes that MongoDB 3.0 will be the definitive default database for any company or organisation. The developers have built on a mature foundation to reduce operational overhead by 95 percent, as well as using both MMAPv1 and WiredTiger storage engines to allow for better flexibility.

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Until it’s is made available, the release candidate is being thoroughly tested. To get involved, the MongoDB release candidate is already up on the website to download.

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