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ML Conference & Voice Conference early bird offer: In Berlin or remote

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ML Conference and Voice Conference give you the opportunity to learn about the latest tools and technologies. Seasoned experts will share insights on how to understand your data, optimize your models, process the power of natural language and more. Attend remotely or in-person in Berlin.

Do you want to learn more about machine learning, artificial intelligence, or voice assistance technology? The ML Conference and Voice Conference are held from December 6 – 8, 2021 in Berlin and online in a hybrid model. Attend sessions and workshops from international ML experts and push your skills to the next level.

Workshops and sessions are streamed live so you can work remotely, from wherever you are, while still having the opportunity to network and get in touch with experts and expo partners.

And best of all: You can access recordings of all sessions for one year after the conference.

Tip: The early bird sale for the ML Conference and Voice Conference ends in three days.

  • Register before the early bird ends and save up to € 490
  • Buy a 2-Day Pass and receive the ML Intro day for free
  • Register 3+ colleagues and get 10 % off!
  • Buy an ML Conference ticket and get free access to the Voice Conference!

Learn more about the hybrid conference model here.

The Machine Learning Conference and Voice Conference team are looking forward to seeing you, either on-site, or remotely from your laptop at home!

Machine Learning Conference tracks

Machine Learning Business & Strategy

Systems for machine learning are structured differently than conventional software systems. Developers and software architects have to rethink their approaches and break new ground. The foundation for this is a deep understanding of the potential of machine learning and what added value it can generate for your company. In the “Machine Learning Business & Strategy” track, experts present the basics of machine learning systems using practical examples to show you what you can achieve and what may not yet be possible.

Machine Learning Principles

Machine learning is still a quite new domain in the digital world, and many concepts, methods, pitfalls, and principles need to be explored. The “Machine Learning Principles” track invites attendees of every skill level to discover new ways to use ML and AI by learning and understanding ML principles. Expert speakers are keen to share deep insights and provide sound starting points for new and practical endeavours with ML.

Advanced ML Development

The “Advanced ML Development” track is about getting to know the software architecture of machine learning systems in a much more detail-oriented and practical way. It gets into the peculiarities of ML systems that developers need to pay careful attention to, as well as the challenges of data-centered software architectures. Experts from leading companies and universities present solutions and provide best practices to take your ML projects to the next level.

Tools, APIs & Frameworks

Machine learning also comes with a myriad of tools and frameworks that not only simplify machine learning, but that often make ML possible for business use in the first place. Experts provide insights into tools such as TensorFlow, cognitive cloud services, and APIs for Java, C#, and JavaScript.

Voice Conference tracks

Development & Technology

Do you want to develop the next Alexa? The “Development & Technology” track at Voice Conference has something to offer to everyone from beginners to experts. Not only can you learn about the various development toolkits from established voice assistant leaders like Alexa, Google Assistant, and more, but you can gain valuable knowledge about technical issues such as how to integrate relevant data via existing backends. Learn to connect your language assistants with established software stacks like Java Enterprise, Microsoft.NET, Node.js, or PHP. Add exciting machine learning capabilities to your voice assistant to enable complex voice dialogs!

UX Design & User Interaction

Many typical voice interactions follow a simple question-answer model. However, other models for human-machine interaction are required if you want to stand out from the crowd. Develop sophisticated voice assistants with complex functions on the “UX Design & Machine Learning” track at Voice Conference. Pioneering designers will teach you important lessons to keep in mind when developing meaningful voice interactions to inspire your users!

Voice Business & Strategy

Developing a voice assistant like Alexa or Siri is only part of the equation. How can these efforts be monetized? How should applications for voice assistants be marketed? The “Voice Business & Strategy” track provides valuable information for developers and executives alike on the ultimate potential for voice applications to be utilized in e-commerce, online marketing, home automation, industry, and much more.

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