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Microsoft joins Eclipse Foundation

Gabriela Motroc

Microsoft has announced that it is now joining the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions Member. “Joining the Eclipse Foundation enables us to collaborate more closely with the Eclipse community, deliver a great set of tools and services for all development teams, and continuously improve our cloud services, SDKs and tools,” the company said.

Microsoft announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation, a group meant to promote not only the use, but also the growth of open-source software. The announcement came one day after Microsoft revealed that SQL Server would be coming to Linux.

The news may come as a surprise, especially as Microsoft offers its own IDE (Visual Studio). Still, the tech giant already has one foot in the Eclipse ecosystem -it offers an Azure Toolkit for Eclipse and a Java SDK for Azure which can be used by Eclipse users to construct their cloud applications. Thanks to the free Team Explorer Everywhere plugin, developers have access to the full suite of source control, team services, and DevOps capabilities of Visual Studio Team Services from within their IDE. According to the blog post, these offerings will continue to be maintained and shared via the Eclipse Marketplace.

Microsoft adheres to the Eclipse Foundation: How and why

Shanku Niyogi, general manager at Visual Studio Team wrote in the blog post that Microsoft’s developer mission is to “deliver experiences that empower any developer, building any application, on any OS” -a goal that cannot be attained without openness, flexibility and interoperability, As a result, the company acknowledges “the great work coming out of the Eclipse and Java developer community” and understands that millions of developers across the world are using Eclipse developer tools.

Niyogi revealed that Microsoft has worked with the Eclipse Foundation for several years to boost the Java experience across its portfolio of application platform and development services, including Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Team Services.

Microsoft also announced more tools and services specifically for Java and Eclipse developers which offer powerful development solutions and services which span platforms. The company is introducing a refreshed and updated Azure Java Dev Center, as well as Azure IoT Suite support in Kura, among other tools.

Eclipse started 15 years ago when an industry association led by IBM came into being to create a new IDE and tools platform for Java. The Eclipse Foundation was formed three years later and was populated with many open-source projects, not necessarily Java-based. Solutions members are right beneath Strategic members -Microsoft enters a group that already contains names such as Nokia, Dell, Intel, GitHub and Cisco.

Gabriela Motroc
Gabriela Motroc was editor of and JAX Magazine. Before working at Software & Support Media Group, she studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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