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Merging the Lucene and Solr -Dev Mailing Lists

Jessica Thornsby

Following the merging of the Lucene and Solr projects, a poll has been posted asking the community how they would wish the merging of the -dev mailing lists to be handled.

There are two options. The first, is to add a new lucene-dev list and start indexing it. However, this would mean that if you wished to search for old lucene-dev or solr-dev messages, you would be required to explicitly select those lists. The poll suggests renaming the old lists as lucene-dev-old and solr-dev-old, and the new list as lucene-dev.

The second option is to merge the old solr-dev and old lucene-dev into a single lucene-dev that would contain all the old messages from both lists. “In effect, it would look as it Lucene and Solr always had a single lucene-dev list,” reads the project blog.

Members of the Lucene and Solr community can cast their vote now.


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