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MCollective 1.0 and ThoughtWorks Go 2.1 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, is the Novell acquisition endangering open source?

Swing JavaBuilder 1.1 Switches to Snake Yaml

Version 1.1 of the Swing JavaBuilder library has been announced. This library allows the user to code the whole UI declaratively in a YAML file, and aims to reduce the amount of code required to create controls. It also offers a layout management DSL that runs on top of MigLayout. Version 1.1 switches to SnakeYaml for YAML parsing and changes the default file extension to .yml instead of .yaml.


Puppet Labs’ MCollective Reaches 1.0

Puppet Labs have announced the release of MCollective version 1.0. MCollective provides a command line interface for asking questions about network and queue tasks coming into the Puppet Master central coordination server. These capabilities also aim to enhance the Puppet Dashboard, by simplifying how users schedule activity sequences, using data from the Puppet platform. MCollective 1.0 can be downloaded now.


OSI Accuse CPTN of Endangering Open Source

The Open Source Initiative have asked the German Federal Cartel Office to investigate the recent acquisition of Novell. CPTN have acquired some of Novell’s patents, along with main buyer Attachmate, and CPTN has been revealed as a consortium created by Microsoft, which includes Apple, EMX and Oracle. In the document, the Open Source Initiative accuse these companies of having a history of “opposing and misrepresenting” the value of open source software, and state that this acquisition poses a “serious threat” to the future of open source.


Opera Unveil Android Widget Runtime Demo

Opera Software have released a demo of its new widget runtime platform for Google’s Android operating system. The runtime will support the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) version 1.0 Specification. Please note that not all WAC 1.0 APIs are implemented, pausing and resuming is not applicable for streamed media, and the camera demo may trigger a crash of the widget manager on some devices.


TurboGears and Pylon Join Forces

The TurboGears web framework will be merging with the Pylons Project. TurboGears2 was built on top of the Pylons framework, and the two teams have a history of working together. Moving forward, the TurboGears2 package will be added to the legacy support in the Pylons project, meaning that Pylons 1.x and TubroGears2 packages will be maintained as part of a single overall project. The two teams will also work on creating new application development tools on top of Pyramid framework, which is part of the Pylons project.


ThoughtWorks’ Go Gets Ready For Mingle 3.3

ThoughtWorks Studios have announced the release of version 2.1 of the Go Agile release management platform. Go allows users to incrementally automate their build, test and deployment processes. This version adds support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, and allows enterprises to centrally delegate administration rights for individual CI environments. There are also new communication features and a new pipeline gadget for integrating with the forthcoming Mingle 3.3 release.


New RC for Sikuli Visual Technology

The first RC of Sikuli 1.0 has been announced. Sikuli is a visual technology for automating and testing GUIs using images. This project comprises of a visual scripting API for Jython, ‘Sikuli Script’ and Sikuli IDE for writing visual scripts with screenshots. The Sikuli website includes a Hello World tutorial for those looking to get to grips with the project.


Second RC for Spring-WS

The second RC of Spring Web Services has been announced. In this release, the Spring-WS XML namespace has been updated, and the MarshallingPayloadMethodProcessor can now have a null marshaller or unmarshaller. Spring-WS 2.0 is designed to be a drop-in replacement for 1.5, apart from the 2.0 version of the XSD namespace. Please see the forum posting, for more information on this exception.

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