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AI and machine learning in software development: Benefits for developers

Paul Bates
Machine Learning
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New ways of handling large amounts of data by building more layers of artificial intelligence into computer systems have been allowing developers and businesses to create computer systems that work for them. In this article, Paul Bates explains why the future of consumerism and business optimization relies on machine learning and what role developers play in all this.

Developers work in environments that are constantly evolving to adapt to technological changes in the industries surrounding them. This often leads to the creation of improved versions of previous technological advances. New ways of handling large amounts of data by building more layers of artificial intelligence into computer systems have been allowing developers and businesses to create computer systems that work for them.

Businesses require dynamic systems

Businesses often require programs that meet the specific needs of their company, which means that programs must be fully customizable, they must work on a variety of platforms, and they must learn from online user data or overall consumer behavior. Some of the computer programming required to maintain businesses can be manually applied, run, and edited by developers as in many aspects of web development.

However, others require a deeper level of artificial intelligence that enables computer systems to learn about information from data, which allows programs to take actions based on information it was programmed to extract and interpret taking much of the manual labor of processing data out of programming.

“A wide range of variables can be added to the model giving the system more information to consider before developing an informed decision and there are a number of programs that allow programmers to integrate the benefits of a number of platforms with computer learning technologies, such as for developers using Java and Python and Eclipse Deeplearning4j for Java and Scala programmers because the machine actually learns from the data enabling it to evolve in it’s understanding when necessary to make accurate predictions. “It can be trusted to make decisions on its own while the final output from the data may give developers a more narrow set of decisions to choose from,” says Henry Johnson, Chief Engineer at Master Thesis Service.

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Time-consuming manual processes

Constant human intervention in programming can range from being highly time-consuming to being nearly impossible depending on the amount of data that needs to be analyzed making computer learning an essential tool for developers seeking low maintenance programs. For instance, developers no longer have to endure the almost endless task of sorting through data manually in order to gather data on a large number of individuals to determine their likelihood of participating in behaviors such as purchasing a product based on direct marketing efforts or choosing to use one web application over another based on previous web application usage. It can even assist businesses in choosing the best company to transport goods to specific locations on time making their programming skills more marketable to a variety of businesses.

Additionally, analyzing abnormalities in computer security systems is often extremely difficult without the help of computer learning technologies that teach the computer what types of abnormalities in the system to search for in an event of a possible data breach. “Extracting data from images in computer vision or filtering emails for spam would also be difficult without a system that progressively learns from data,” says Jeff Taylor, a security writer at ConfidentWriters. Constantly recreating systems to keep up with changes in data or attempting to create the right algorithms for certain purposes can be a hopeless task in some cases.

Big data is a reality of modern technology that must be collected and often analyzed for a variety of benefits to consumers and businesses. It is essential for many developers to learn more efficient ways of processing the data they must work with on a daily basis. Accelerating the time-consuming process of manually analyzing data and making usable data predictions possible with machine learning gives developers more time to improve their machine learning systems and develop better models for the future.

Having the ability to introduce computer vision that teaches computers to view images as humans as well as a number of other computer learning systems is a part of technological advancement that allows developers to advance their skillset and revolutionize analytics. The future of consumerism and business optimization relies on the artificial intelligence of machine learning.


Paul Bates

Paul Bates is a business consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs at Paper-Research and SwiftPapers. He’s an expert and highly familiar with artificial intelligence, machine learning and software development.

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