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Sunny with a chance of tweetstorms: 32 opinions about Java

Lukas Eder
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Whether it’s about open source, Java, or even the intractable debate over stateful design vs. stateless design, Java Champion Lukas Eder has a lot of thoughts about the current state of the programming world.

Lukas Eder thinks about programming a lot. To be fair, as a Java Champion and head of  R&D at Data Geekery GmbH, the company behind jOOQ, he talks about coding all day every day. But sometimes, you just have to get a bunch of things off your chest. And when Lukas Eder does it, it’s a hilarious tweetstorm with a few shots fired and a lot of truths told.

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Lukas Eder
Lukas is a Java and SQL aficionado. He’s the founder and head of R&D at Data Geekery GmbH, the company behind jOOQ, the best way to write SQL in Java.