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Lights Go Off For Symbian Foundation

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, first release from Apache Derby 10.7 branch.

Symbian Foundation Sites Go Dark

The Symbian Foundation’s public websites are now closed, taking open access to the Symbian source code with them. However, until 31st March, 2011 much of the data is still publicly available via FTP. Please contact the Foundation for access to the content. Access to the FTP site will cease in March, when Symbian anticipate a new model for hosting Symbian code will become available from Nokia.

“We are confident that these are absolutely the right changes in the context of today’s market and economy, and we look forward to watching a new era of success for the Symbian platform unfold,” say Symbian.

First 10.7 Apache Derby Release

The first Apache Derby release from the 10.7 branch has been announced. Apache Derby provides an open source relational database implemented in Java. Apache Derby supports the Boolean data type, and introduces a tool that processes runtime statistics in the XPLAIN tables and produces an XML document that represents the execution plan for a particular query. Derby 10.7 adds an optional clause to the CREATE FUNCTION and CREATE PROCEDURE statements, to allow the user to specify which privileges a routine should employ when executing SQL statements on a nested connection.

Apache MyFaces Core 2.0.3 Released

The Apache MyFaces Core, JSF 2.0 implementation has reached version 2.0.3. This release adds a new utility class for init parameters WebConfigParamUtils, and improves the Atmosphere Meteor support for MyFaces. The handling of AJAX response if source element is deleted, has also been improved.

Amino UI Toolkit Gets Beta Swing Integration

The Amino open source UI toolkit now has beta integration with Swing, meaning users should be able to drop Amino scenes into a Swing panel and mix it with the rest of the app. This is thanks to the JcomponentWrapper class, which implements JComponent and contains Amino Nodes. Creator Josh Marinacci has also published a snowflake simulator with 3D graphics for Amino.

Donald Ferguson Calls WebSphere His ‘Biggest Technology Mistake.’

Chief technology officer of business software firm CA Technologies, Dr Donald Ferguson has referred to WebSphere as the “biggest technology mistake” he ever made. “It was too complex for people to master. I overdesigned it,” he says in a recent interview. He created the project while at IBM.

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