Latest Builds Get Support for Extended Application-Models

Jessica Thornsby

Single sourceing functionality and Perference-Injection comes to e4.

The latest e4 builds got several new features this week, starting with initial support for extended Application-Models. The e4-Application Model can be extended using standard EMF-Tooling, and an extension point which allows external parties to extend the Base-Editor ensures the Model-Editor is aware of new Entities and Features.

Single sourceing functionality has also been brought to e4, which means a native e4-Component can run unmodified in environments such as Eclipse 4.0 SDK and Eclipse 3.x SDK.

Support for Perference-Injection using a new @Preference-Annotation has been added to e4. A list of preferences is available at Tom Schindl’s blog. Shared-Subtrees have been introduced to the rendering framework. Initial support for Drag and Drop has been added, although Schindl’s blog makes it clear that this is a work in progress.


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