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Build reactive microservices in latest Lagom release v1.5.0

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The latest version of Lagom is production ready and available for all users. Lagom 1.5.0 improves on Akka Management and adds new incubating features, as well as a few changes. See what’s new in the open source, opinionated microservice framework.

With the Lagom framework, users can build reactive, elastic, and resilient microservice systems in Java or Scala. The Lagom team announced the general availability of Lagom 1.5.0. on April 15, 2019.

All users can now upgrade to the newest production ready version.

What’s new in this stable release? Here are some of the highlights. For the full list of commits, view the changes on GitHub.

Akka tool suite

Lagom builds on the Akka toolkit. Now, the 1.5.0 update introduces the Akka Management tool suite. With Akka Management, users can operate Akka Clusters.

From the Lightbend’s documentation:

Akka Management consists of multiple modules:

Out of the box, Lagom exposes the Akka Management HTTP port.

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The Akka Management modules can be used together. However, users don’t have to use them all.


Akka Management module structure. Source.

According to the documentation, this feature is currently in the incubation phase. Users should keep an eye out for future breaking changes and report any issues.

Akka Cluster Bootstrap also improves its cluster formation with the latest update.

End of automated deployment

The 1.5.0 update ends support for the incubating project Lightbend Orchestration. Lightbend Orchestration reaches end of life on April 15, 2020. (Lightbend recommends users to migrate to the Improved Kubernetes Deployment Experience).

According to the announcement blog, the development team decided that Lightbend Orchestration created friction and reduced flexibility. Its most popular features have now been integrated naively into Akka and Lagom.

As for the future, the blog states: “Moving forward there will be no automated handling of the deployment and the suggested way is to manually maintain the production settings, the deployment descriptors and related scripts”.

Follow the new guide for how to deploy with OpenShift or Kubernetes going forward.

Added support

This update includes several new support updates.

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Incubating support for Akka gRPC for cross-service communication has been added. This does not mean that the original HTTP/JSON will be going away. Instead, it gives users another alternative choice.

Lagom also supports Additional Routers for embedded Play Routers into a Lagom service.

Now, Lagom offers optional Couchbase database support. See the Couchbase Persistent Entities documentation for more information on how to configure Couchbase.

Want to upgrade?

Read the guide to migrating to Lagom 1.5 for Java and for Scala. Refer to the release notes for more information on how the latest stable release differs from the previous version.

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