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Kublr 1.11: All the automation you can handle with enhanced Kubernetes deployment

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We come to you with a new Kublr release that brings more automation control for Kubernetes deployment and in multiple environments. Kublr 1.11 is here and we are about to take a closer look at all the new and shiny features.

Kublr is a Kubernetes ally that delivers an open, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform that’s not tied to a single cloud, PaaS or OS and today we welcome its new release.

Kublr 1.11 is here with some new features, updates and important improvements.

What makes it special

But before we dive into all the new improvements, let’s have a look at its main features.

Production ready – Push containerized applications into production in minutes without worrying about security, high availability, and self-healing, backup and disaster recovery, monitoring and logging.

Secure – Reduce runtime risk with automated deployment of secure communication between nodes, integrated identity management, and image validation.

OPs friendly – Minimize time spent managing Kubernetes while gaining at-a-glance insights on cluster and application performance allowing for faster problem resolution.

Hybrid, on-prem, multi-cloud – Gain control of where you run your containerized applications by deploying to any environment.

No vendor lock-in – Benefit from 100% upstream Kubernetes conformance. Kublr’s certified architecture guarantees the performance of open source components with added enterprise-grade functionality.

You check out all the detailed features and how they work here.

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All the new and shiny

And without further ado, let’s have a closer look at what the newest release brings.

  • Major automation and control improvements for deploying Kubernetes clusters in multiple environments.
  • Fine-grained controls that enable deployment of Kubernetes on top of existing infrastructures in the cloud.
  • Out-of-the-box ability to deploy Kubernetes on top of existing virtual networks or VPCs with existing storage accounts, resource groups, security groups, and subnets.
  • Kublr control plane can automatically provision underlying software and Kubernetes components on top of an existing operating system for bare metal environments.
  • Developing integrations to VCloud Director and VSphere for automating Kubernetes deployments on top of VMware, whether on-premise or in cloud-hosted environments.

Keep in mind that Kublr is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and passed the Kubernetes Conformance test for Kubernetes v1.11 and has also been conformant and certified for k8s v.1.9 and v.1.10.

For all the information on how to get started, please visit the official website.

Earlier this year, we talked with Slava Koltovich, CEO at Kublr, about the company’s plans to disrupt the Kubernetes market, how they intend to help advance Kubernetes adoption and more. Here is a small taste of this interview:

JAXenter: Kublr is a contributor to the Kubernetes open source project. So is it helping Kubernetes or competing against it?

Slava Koltovich: It is helping Kubernetes. Kublr, the company, has contributed to the upstream project and will open more functionalities in the future. Part of the Kubernetes roadmap is related to the provisioning of clusters and we will contribute our code and knowledge in this area.

Kublr, the platform, builds on top of open sources Kubernetes and is a management and operations layer for multiple Kubernetes clusters. It does not modify or override core upstream Kubernetes components and functionality. Instead, it enables and streamlines Kubernetes adoption for organizations without deep in-house Kubernetes operations expertise, but who want to benefit from the agility and flexibility modern container orchestration provides.

Many DevOps experts seem to believe that Kubernetes has already won the orchestration war. What is Kublr’s role in all this?

Slava Koltovich: Kublr hopes to advance Kubernetes adoption by making it extremely simple and easy for companies and IT/operations teams to start using Kubernetes in production and mission-critical applications.

Check out the full interview here

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