Kaazing Develop Enterprise-Ready Gateway


Kaazing have developed an enterprise-ready gateway for app engine developers. According to a blog post by Kaazing, the Kaazing Websocket Gateway enables scalable, full-duplex real-time Web communication, by connecting Javascript-enabled browsers to a company’s real-time data flow. Kaazing Websocket Gateway allows users to extend TCP-based business messaging protocols to the Web.

Kaazing have added AMQP to the protocols supported by the gateway, allowing companies to connect Rich Internet Applications to an AMQP message feed. It’s based on the HTML5 Web Sockets standard, but Kaazing Websocket Gateway also provides emulation for browsers that do not support HTML5 Web Sockets. Kaazing Websocket Gateway requires no plug-ins and a demo bundle can be downloaded from Kaazing’s website.

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