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JRebel unites with Java web framework Vaadin

Chris Mayer

Java web framework Vlaadin is offering JRebel as part of their Pro Vlaadin Account

It’s always nice when two young companies join forces for the better of the community, so we’re happy to report that JRebel will now become part of the Vaadin experience.

Vaadin announced the decision to incorporate the instant code recall and no-redeploy tool from ZeroTurnaround on their blog yesterday, quite rightly saying their commercial version was now ‘turbo-charged’. What’s even better is that it is available to 6 month Vaadin Pro Account holders from March 1st, for free. Those holding a 6-12 month subscription will face no additional cost.

On their site, Vaadin spoke of the union as ‘a match made in heaven’

JRebel is a multiple award winning technology (e.g.,The Most Innovative Java Technology of 2011, JAX Awards) that has gained really good traction in Java development. Like many other Java developers we love it and decided we should increase awareness of this cool technology and to provide it to as many Pro Account subscribers as we possibly can. 

Finnish company, Vaadin ascension up the ranks has been equally astronomic, offering a new approach to building web applications through using Java as a language (Java EE as a server). Historically, Vaadin has drawn comparisons to server side frameworks like ZK and ICEfaces, yet Vaadin is something different in the client department using Java-programmed GWT widgets.

Through the introduction of the JVM plugin, Vaadin enthusiasts will save valuable time building their application and won’t need to enter the dreaded redploy phase. For those unaware of what Vaadin and JRebel can do, the websites can tell you more. For a budding Vaadin user, there’s also good news as More Vaadin has been announced by Nicolas Frankel, becoming your helpful guide to using the framework.

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