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JRebel 6.0 has arrived

Coman Hamilton
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Zeroturnaround have announced the first major update to JRebel since June 2012. We asked founder Jevengi Kabanov what enhancements the JRebel team have created in the past two years.

“We’ve been really busy making JRebel awesome,” says the founder of Zeroturnaround, which today announced the launch of JRebel 6. “The amount of engineering that goes into making our products easy to use but powerful is really impressive,” Jevengi Kabanov told us. “We spend a lot of time trying to make things simple for our end users and that means hiding a lot complexity of the work we do in development.”

Several months ago during beta testing, Anton Arhipov hinted that JRebel 6 would be able to “do things it wasn’t able to do before”. One of these things, Kabanov explains, is that JRebel 6 has an entirely new core. “Now JRebel allows you to make changes to class hierarchy, like adding/removing interfaces and superclasses, and also contains state migration logic so you can move fields between classes in hierarchy and maintain state.”

Javeleon integration and Spring Boot support

The makers claim that this version makes it possible to code faster with less downtime. But perhaps one of the biggest changes JRebel users will notice is the full integration of Javeleon technologies, whose tool with similar dynamic updating capabilities was acquired by Zeroturnaround last year.

Among other features, JRebel 6 brings enhanced support for Java EE 7 and for popular app servers like WildFly/EAP, WebLogic and WebSphere, as well as support for the Spring Boot framework.

The latest release also brings a number of changes to the UX. Kabanov tells us that Zeroturnaround has “a lot of time and effort” making the UI and installation process more intuitive. “We really want to streamline the user experience and start delivering value immediately.”

JRebel’s last major release, which premiered back in June 2012, placed much emphasis on the cloud and SaaS. So does this mean the project’s focus has since evolved?

“The focus of JRebel has always been delivering quality software that makes developers happy and more productive,” Kabanov tells us. “Cloud and SaaS are use by developers more and more and JRebel supports them incredibly well, and it has for quite some time. The improvements in JRebel 6 benefit all of our users, including the ones that are developing on remote servers.”

“Our community is wonderful”

As with previous versions, JRebel was developed using Zeroturnaround’s community beta testing program. “Our community is wonderful,” says Kabanov. “We have great developers in all industries, and they enjoy helping us and providing feedback. Our community beta testing program has been invaluable. We’re lucky to have such a varied user base that allows us to track down many edge cases in beta testing.”

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