The partnership grows stronger

JRebel 4.6 is out, with Vaadin support the big draw

Chris Mayer

The latest version of JRebel is here, with the link-up with web framework Vaadin getting top billing

We were already very excited at the possibilities that could come out of the burgeoning partnership between ZeroTurnaround and Vaadin, and it seems from the latest release of the JAX Innovation Award winner that they’ve not spent too much time dallying around either.

This stable release now offers comprehensive support for the open-source RIA framework, meaning Vaadin Pro account subscribers can receive direct access to JRebel 4.6 for developing their applications without needing to redeploy in order to see code changes. Pretty neat tie-up.

Another big thing for JRebel 4.6 is the beta for ‘JRebel Remoting‘ – allowing the community to be able to instantly reload classes without restarting, which they had requested for quite a while. With JRebel Remoting, developers can use JRebel on remote machines, meaning that code is written on one machine and all classes are reloaded to a remote server, no matter where the server resides. That includes Amazon EC2 cloud too.

JRebel also manages to stay relevant by adding support for new features in Spring 3.1, improved CDI support on GlassFish 3.1.x, not to mention the improved backup for GWT, Jersey, MyFaces and Jackson 1.9.5. All on trend.

You can upgrade to the latest brand spanking new version here, available in a 30-day trial version. Never redeploy again.

Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive interview with JRebel CEO Jevgeni Kabanov very soon!

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