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JRebel 3.5 and GContracts 1.1.3 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Sonar 2.4 released with customisable dashboards, and public preview of IntelliJ IDEA 10.

Sonar Gives Your More Control Over Dashboards

Sonar version 2.4 has been released with functionality for customising dashboards and support for Maven 3. The new ‘Update Centre’ allows users to list plugins already installed, check and install plugin updates, make a list of desired plugins and check the Sonar platform for updates. Users can also define architecture rules.

GContracts 1.1.3 With New Solution For Spring Beans

GContracts 1.1.3 has been announced with a solution for performing class invariant checks on Spring beans. GContracts 1.1.3 does not make class invariant checks on Spring beans during constructor calls, but creates a synthetic @PostConstruct method which overtakes the class invariant check. In addition to @Invariant, @Requires and @Ensures GContracts 1.1.3 provides separate exception types which all are descendants of AssertionError. The direct reference to PowerAssertionError has also been removed.

JRebel 3.5 Adds Framework and Tools Support

JRebel version 3.5 has been announced, and focuses on supporting various open source frameworks and tools. This release adds plugins for Spring Webflow, Wicket, JBoss AOP, RESTEasy and Seam Wicket integration. The JRebel core has been reworked to better support OSGi containers, such as Equinox and Felix, and Scala and Groovy are now officially supported.

IntelliJ IDEA 10 Announce Public Preview

IntelliJ IDEA have released a Public Preview build of IntelliJ IDEA 10. This build allows the editor window to “Float” like tool windows and ‘evaluate expression’ now automatically suggests the expression under the cursor. Improvements have been made to the GitHub integration, including an update that means the Check Out from GitHub dialogue fields now have the same names as Check Out From Git. There is also a help button in the Add Archetype Dialogue. It is available from the Intellij IDEA 10 Public Preview page.

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