New iBatis Plugin

JRebel 3.1 Now With Geronimo Support

Jessica Thornsby

Version 3.1 of JRebel is now available.

JRebel is a productivity tool for Java EE development that maps project workspace directly to the running application. When changes are made to a class or resource in the IDE, those changes should be carried automatically to your application.

With this release, JRebel supports reloading JPA entities and configuration on all containers. Hibernate and OpenJPA plugins are now enabled by default. JRebel 3.1 comes with a new iBatis plugin for reloading sql maps, beta support for the Geronimo container, and scriptlet support for GlassFish 3. More information on the various fixes and updates, is available at the Changelog.

The standard license is priced at $189, with a license for personal use costing $59.

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