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JIRA 4.4 Released with New Visual Workflow Designer

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Google announce new Eclipse plugin.

JIRA 4.4 with New Built-in Visual Workflow Designer

Version 4.4 of JIRA has been announced. In JIRA 4.4, project administration comes with a new interface, and version 4.4 includes a built-in visual workflow designer:



There is a new upgrader that checks plugin compatibility, migrates commonly modified files and provides a file ‘customization report.’ When it comes to searching, the ‘WAS’ operator has been extended to the Assignee and Reporter fields. For more information, please see the Release Notes.

A JIRA 4.4 upgrade is free to all customers with active JIRA software maintenance, as of 2nd August 2011.


Neo4j 1.4.1 with Online Backup Tool Fixes

Hot on the heels of Neo4j 1.4 GA, Neo4j 1.4.1 has been released. Version 1.4.1 clears up some confusion regarding when exactly index data becomes visible with respect to the corresponding graph data. Now, in a two-phase commit, the graph datasource always commits first, and then the index providers. The online backup tool has also been hardened, and chunk size and client read timeout is configurable, which should help prevent very large online backups from eventually causing the online backup tool support to throw out memory errors.

Neo4j 1.4.1 can be downloaded now.


Google Announce New Eclipse Plugin

Google have announced ‘Protobuf-dt’ a new Eclipse plugin used in editing protocol buffer descriptor files. Protobuf-dt provides syntax highlighting, content assist, hyperlinking and outline view functionality, in addition to protocol buffer-specific features such as integration with protoc and automatic generation of numeric tags “as you type.” The code is available from Google Code.


New Functional Library for Java

totallylazy is a new functional library for Java. totallylazy follows the ML family of function / method names, uses and extends Callable interface, and supports the chaining of all methods, or the use of static imports for all methods. There is also the option to create Callables via dynamic proxies, and alpha support for SQL and Lucene is included. totallylazy is available under the Apache License 2.0.


Android Claims Top Market Share

According to analytics company Canalys, the Android OS enjoyed a 48% share of the global smartphone market for Q2 2011. Canalys surveyed 56 countries, and is reporting that Android led in 35 of those countries, in terms of market share. The report also found that Android-based smart phone shipments have increased by 379% over a year ago, to 51.9 million units.

iOS is now in second place worldwide, having overtaken Nokia’s Symbian platform during this quarter.

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