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JFrog announce availability of Artifactory 2.6

Chris Mayer

Java’s most advanced repository reaches another important milestone, unveiling some new features for both the open source and Pro Versions.

Right off the back of their union with continuous integration server Jenkins, JFrog have unleashed the latest version of the flagship product, with the release of Artifactory 2.6

Java’s most advanced repository manager brings some vital new features and improvements for enterprises, behind its sleek UI, to make it fine choice for those wanting top notch permission control. Artifactory’s easy linkup with build tools, such as Maven, Ant, Ivy, Gradle, and its high-concurrency approach have set the bar pretty high for enterprises repository management.

For the open source version, there’s the inclusion of download debugging, aiming to identify and solve artifact resolution issues by getting a detailed explain plan of the download request handling in your browser, as well as introducing an auto-offline for remote repositories when errors occur. Other benefits coming to the open source version include the ability to turn on archive browsing for selected trusted repositories.

For the Pro version targeted at the enterprise world, there’s a raft of updates notably the latest versions of the REST API, meaning Artifactory can return the latest release or integration version of an artifact for any given repository layout.

It’s now possible to download the latest version of a Maven snapshot via a simple non-unique snapshot URL and also code custom artifact promotion logic. Improvements come in the form of better replication and safer plugin executions. 

For all that is New and Notewothy, check out the Artifactory Wiki page. Download both the OSS and Pro versions from JFrog’s website or directly from SourceForge. Instructions for updating from previous version can be found here

It’s a big milestone for the team with some nifty inclusions this time round and we await to see what they do next…

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