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Jetty 9.0.0 sees first milestone

Elliot Bentley

With key features “largely in place”, milestone zero of the latest version of Jetty is ready for feedback.

The first (well, zeroth) milestone release of Jetty 9.0.0 is already out, less than a month since developer Jesse McConnell profiled new features of the upcoming release. Writing on his blog, McConnell asked users to download the milestone, key features of which are “largely in place”, and provide feedback on mailing lists or on Twitter using the hashtag #jettyserver.

As we covered previously, Jetty 9’s headline feature is support for next-generation protocols SPDY, WebSockets, MUX and HTTP/2.0 – meaning that Jetty is no longer merely a humble HTTP server. Support for SPDY v3 enables Jetty to ‘push’ content to a browser without having to wait for a request, cutting down the roundtrip delay by around 75%, while highly-fashionable WebSockets allow for real-time communication.

However, that’s not all in this release: SSL support has been improved to make implementations of edge cases more human-readable, and the asynchronous HTTP client has been refactored in order to simplify the API.

While the Servlet 3.1 spec seems unlikely to be ready in time for this release, McConnell writes that “much of the support is already in place”, meaning that support will be easily patched in at a later date.

This current milestone lacks support for one last major feature, pluggable modules, but this is promised to arrive in future previews. Hopefully all will be done in time for their self-imposed November release date – in the meantime, the milestone is available to download at the project’s git repository.

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