Will Space replace tools such as Slack and Trello?

JetBrains launches all-in-one DevOps environment. Meet Space.

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What if you could combine functionalities of GitHub, Slack, Azure DevOps, Confluence, Trello, and Outlook Calendar all together into one solution? At KotlinConf, JetBrains announced Space, an integrated team environment. Space creates a home for teams and projects with IDE integration in one scalable DevOps platform. Currently, early access is available and accepting sign-ups.

KotlinConf, the annual conference for the Kotlin programming language, revealed news about where the language is headed. However, Kotlin was not the only JetBrains creation on the agenda. At KotlinConf, JetBrains announced Space, a new integrated team environment.

Essentially, Space includes features found in existing collaborative tools that your teams may already be familiar with, including GitHub, Confluence, Slack, Azure DevOps, and Trello.

Its all-in-one capabilities will potentially help break down silos and lead to more streamlined communication.

The Early Access Program is available and accepting sign-ups. Sign-ups are accepted on a first-come basis, so expect some delay between signing up and receiving access.

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Space functionalities

From the JetBrains announcement blog:

Space is an integrated team environment that provides teams and organizations with the tools they need to collaborate effectively and efficiently. It has Git-based Version Control, Code Review, Automation (CI/CD) based on Kotlin Scripting, Package Repositories, Planning tools, Issue Tracker, Chats, Blogs, Meetings, and Team Directory, among other features.


Sample Space UI. Source.

Some of the current functionalities include:

  • Chat: Communicate with your team, break down barriers, and keep up with one another. View the team schedule, feed, and current projects. Create meetings and book recurring events.
  • Manage permissions: Give team members access to Git repositories and project responsibilities.
  • IDE integration: Space integrates with IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA. Clone your project repositories and see who is working on what files. Avoid distractions and mute notifications when you are coding.
  • Blog: Announce company news or blast information to all your team members.
  • View code activity: The project dashboard gives an overview of current projects, code reviews, and repositories.
  • Code management: Git-based repos allow for easy browsing and code editing.
  • Calendar: See who is available and who is in a meeting or on vacation. When you are out of the office, you can set your status to alert the rest of your team.
  • Mobile app: Communicate and update on the go.
  • Cloud backup: JetBrains creates a data backup every 6 hours, including all your images, attachments, and Git repositories.
  • Scalable and tested: Space has been tested internally with over 600 active daily users at JetBrains and scales up to 10k users.

The road ahead


Chat UI. Source.

Pricing plans will include four tiers, ranging from a free version for small teams, to an Enterprise tier for large organizations that need a hefty amount of storage and data transfers. The current price listing is only an approximate estimation and may change. Space will be available as both a JetBrains-hosted service or as a self-hosted version, depending on your teams’ needs.

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According to a comment on Twitter, JetBrains plans on introducing a Space marketplace. Third-party vendors will be able to sell plugins via the marketplace.

The roadmap for future functionalities includes introducing a knowledge base, automation, CI/CD pipelines, a notification management system, and personal to-do lists.

For users of JetBrains products Upsource, Youtrack, and TeamCity: Space will not replace these tools. They will remain standalone products and will continue receiving support.

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