Community Discusses Joining ASF

Jenkins To Run Under Apache Umbrella?

Jessica Thornsby

Prominent Jenkins community members have discussed the possibility of Jenkins running under the Apache umbrella.

Jenkins may have only been a project in its own right for a short space of time, but already there is talk of running it under the Apache umbrella. This idea was raised by Andrew Bayer at a recent Jenkins meeting, where he referred to getting Jenkins under the ASF umbrella as a “pipe dream,” although he acknowledged that getting copyright reassignment of the existing code to Apache, could be problematic, due to Oracle’s trademark ownership. However, he expressed interest in exploring this idea further: “I think it’s worth at least talking with Apache as to whether there’s any chance we can pair up,” he argued. The project will only consider setting up its own “Jenkins Foundation” as a last resort, according to the minutes from the meeting.

This idea of Jenkins running under the Apache umbrella has met with positive reactions from the community, with Java Champion Michael Huetterm posting “I think hosting Jenkins as an ASF project would add even more creditability to Jenkins.”

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