Ruby twice as popular on Github than Java

Jenkins gets new jewel in the crown with Ruby plugins

Chris Mayer

‘Monumental achievement’ as team look to future technical advances

Heralded as a new era for Jenkins by the people behind it, the leading open source integration server finally gets its first official Ruby plugin.

It’s taken over a year for it to happen but now with Jenkins 1.438, you can download the Path Ignore plugin via the update centre.

Those at Jenkins are obviously delighted with the news, and so they should be given the potential for further development, now with the Ruby fraternity being welcomed into the fold. Ruby is the second most popular language on Github (see below), and without entering the never-ending best language squabble, the opportunities now open to Ruby developers to create plugins are vast.

For those wanting to get stuck in with the tie-in, they can find Charles Lowell’s jenkins-prototype-plugin, the nuts and bolts for Ruby test code. There’s still a long way to go before we see Ruby prevalent across Jenkins but that initial leap is a huge one for both communities.

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