Daily Roundup

JDK7 Developer Preview

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new releases for Groowiki, Apache Tuscany and Grizzly.

Sneak Peek at JDK7 With New Developer Preview

The JDK7 Developer Preview Release (or Build b130, if you prefer) has been announced. This release is described as “feature complete, stable and ready for vigorous community testing.” It features 456 bug fixes since the January milestone. Any bugs found in this preview should be registered at bugreport.

Groowiki 2.0.0 Released

Version 2.0.0 of the Groowiki wiki system has been released. Groowiki allows users to store documents and manage different versions and directories via a web interface. Document titles and descriptions can be edited with the wiki standard radeox syntax, and Groowiki introduces a third ‘Business Type’ property. Documents and directories that belong to a business type will appear with special fields that are configured for that type. Version 2.0.0 introduces a WYSIWYG HTML web page editor, Lucene indexing, and full support for RADEOX and workflow.

Apache Tuscany Release Java SCA 2.0 Beta 2

The Apache Tuscany team have announced Java SCA 2.0 Beta 2. This release includes a new interactive shell for working with SCA domains, services and contributions, and dependency upgrades. It also updates to the latest OASIS XSDs and adds support for AllowsByReference, for references and implementation of classes/methods based on the specification. More information on these changes is available at the Changes file. The release can be downloaded now from the Apache Tuscany page.

Grizzly 2.0 Gets New Core Module

Grizzly 2.0 has been released with a new core module. The new module features an API for simplifying network channels management and life-cycle control, and a MemoryManager API. The http-server module has been improved, with support for asynchronous, non-blocking HTTP requests processing.

Apache Vysper 0.7 Released

Version 0.7 of the Vysper modular XMPP server, has been released. Apache Vysper 0.7 adds support for server to server connections, alongside experimental support for websockets. It also features in-band registration. The 0.7 release can be downloaded now from the Apache Vysper website.

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