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One more JEP on the drawing board for JDK 11

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JDK 11
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What’s going on with JDK 11? Time to take a look and check in on its progress, including a sneak peek at the latest JEP proposal.

Java’s new release schedule means that there’s always a new JDK around the corner.  According to their schedule, the rest of June is a rampdown of phase one for JDK 11. July is dedicated to testing and a rampdown for phase two. The initial release candidates and final release candidates come out in August.

JDK 11 is scheduled to arrive for general availability on September 25, so mark your calendars.

What’s on the drawing board for JDK 11?

The latest news shows that there’s one more JEP on that might make the cut for JDK 11. Given the state of the schedule, this might be the last major change to make it into JDK 11, so take a good look.

JEP 332: Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3

The TLS protocol has seen a big revamp recently, bringing improved security and performance over previous versions. In order to remain competitive and secure, the JDK needs to support TLS 1.3 to follow the latest standards.

The latest version of TLS makes all of its previous versions obsolete and is not directly backwards compatible. If the JDK wants to remain relevant, it needs to upgrade to TLS 1.3. The primary goal for this JEP is not to support every single feature of TLS 1.3, but support a minimal interoperable and compatible TLS 1.3 implementation.

For more information, refer to the JEP tracking document here.

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What’s in JDK 11 so far

JDK 11 already has 15 JEPs in the tank. The full list is below for your personal edification and we’ve covered all of the previous JEPs herehere, and here.

181: Nest-Based Access Control
309: Dynamic Class-File Constants
315: Improve Aarch64 Intrinsics
318: Epsilon: A No-Op Garbage Collector
320: Remove the Java EE and CORBA Modules
321: HTTP Client (Standard)
323: Local-Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters
324: Key Agreement with Curve25519 and Curve448
327: Unicode 10
328: Flight Recorder
329: ChaCha20 and Poly1305 Cryptographic Algorithms
330: Launch Single-File Source-Code Programs
331: Low-Overhead Heap Profiling
333: ZGC: A Scalable Low-Latency Garbage Collector (Experimental)
336: Deprecate the Pack200 Tools and API

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