Phase 3 in motion

JCP Executive Committees will merge into one


Revealed in an Oracle blog post last week, the 2012 elections will be the start of some big changes for the EC

In an Oracle blog post last week, it was announced that the two JCP Executive Committees will merge into one.

Last year, the Process to change the Process was explained which highlighted the first of the three planned JSRs to modify the way the JCP operates, which was completed in October 2011. It focused primarily on changes to make process more transparent and to enable broader participation.  

The second JSR was inspired by the conviction that “Java is One Platform and by our expectation that Java ME and Java SE will become more aligned over time. In anticipation of this change JSR 3.55 JCP Executive Committee Merge will merge the two Executive Committees into one.”

According to the blog post, a consensus has been reached within the EC, “which serve as the Expert Group for process-change JSRs”. The Expert Group have decided that they will reduce the total number of EC seats but keep the same ratio (2:1) of ratified and elected seats.

In order to achieve this, the usual October 2012 elections will still take place but the candidates will only be able to serve a one-year term if elected. “The two ECs will be merged immediately after this election: at the same time, Oracle’s second permanent seat and one of IBM’s two ratified seats will be eliminated.” This means that the initial merge will have only 30 members.

Next year is where it really gets interesting with 2013’s elections eliminating three more ratified seats and two elected seats, with all remaining seats up for re-election. A further explanation of these changes can be found in the revised versions of the Process and EC Standing Rules documents that are currently posted for Early Draft Review.

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