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JBoss Tools and Developer Studio Beta 3 lands

Chris Mayer

The latest beta for JBoss’s Eclipse distro arrives, accommodating a number of enhancements to vital plugins

Busy times at JBoss HQ as they’ve just released the third betas for both JBoss Tools 3.3.0 and Developer Studio 5, incorporating a number of enhancements to key features.

Max Rydahl Andersen profiled the dual announcement in a JBoss community post, saying that the biggest leaps for these releases had been made to OpenShift, Maven, BrowserSim, GWT and Annotation Processing.

JBoss Tools is of course a set of Eclipse plugins custom-made for JBoss developers, whilst Developer Studio is a fully bundled Eclipse distribution where you get to play with them – with the opportunity to seamlessly link up to third party dependencies as well.

Red Hat’s platform-as-a-service OpenShift has recieved a lot of attention of late, and it’s great to see the latest iteration of its tooling appear in JBoss Tools. Rydahl Andersen says that this was ‘the most prominent and waited for feature in this release’ and we’d be hard pressed to disagree with that. Now, there’s support for starting port forwarding from the IDE instead of using the command line, and it works straight out-of-the-box.

He continues:

OpenShift Tools further more now allows you to put any existing application onto OpenShift where it previously only allowed Eclipse WTP projects. These projects can now even be multi-module Maven projects if you want to. This feature should be used with care since it overwrites your OpenShift application and your project content might not be working out of the box on OpenShift – thus use with care and if it fails, remember that OpenShift uses Git for it storage so you can roll it back in case of a failure.

Finally, it’s possible to create scalable apps straight from the UI (see below):


Annotation processing with Maven gets a big boost through the addition of m2e configurator in JBoss tools, which also helps out work with Google Web Toolkit. Lastly, the open source ethos of both projects is set in stone thanks to new Eclipse and JBoss Source Lookup containers, which scans for JARs and speeds up the projects exponentially.

It’s a bulky release from the enthusiastic team of contributors ahead of an imminent final release. Check out what else is new here, whilst you can still get your hands on JBoss Developer Studio 5’s early access and JBoss Tools 3.3.0 Beta 3 here. Now we just await the GA release.

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