New Year present for JBoss Community

JBoss Developer Studio 5 M5 unveiled with early access opportunity

Chris Mayer

Red Hat’s full fledged standalone Eclipse based IDE is ready for its latest preview – making it even easier to get creating.

It was a busy holiday period for JBoss, as they put the finishing touches to the latest JBoss Tools 3 M5 release. Not long after, a New Year gift has surfaced as the JBoss Developer Studio charges towards Version No.5.

Max Rydahl Andersen revealed that the website had received an update, promoting an Early Access version which will hopefully make improvements for the community on the JBoss Enterprise Platform, ahead of the full release. The number of issues resolved is quite staggering.

He also recapped some of the new features within JBoss Tools 3 M5, which can be used Red Hat’s Eclipse-based IDE, including an Universal Installer which works on all supported platforms. This means you no longer need to consider which OS to pick – it installs all the relevant materials all for you.

An easier start-up method and central hub has also been provided by JBoss Central, allowing you select a new project at the click of a button.

You can also use JBoss Central Software/Update page to install additional features and 3rd party plugins such as JRebel, FindBugs, SVN and others.

But one of the key draws to JBoss Developer Studio is the bonus of now being able to create OpenShift applications directly and be able to get developing with Java EE and other OpenShift technologies in the cloud. As the video below demonstrates –

If you’re wanting to try out the Early Access version, get in touch via the website now!

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