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JBoss Announce Early Access for Developer Studio 5

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, second release of e(fx)clipse project.

JBoss Announce Early Access for Developer Studio 5

JBoss have announced early access for JBoss Developer Studio 5. This version of Developer Studio is based on JBoss Tools 3.3, and focuses on separating out the SOA tooling. Therefore, JBoss Developer Studio 5 will not include the Teiid data virtualisation system, jbpm, drools, ESB and the Smooks framework by default. SOA Tooling will be available from a separate update site, or via an additional download, in the future. The Early Access program will commence in August 2010 and will be completed by the GA date of JBoss Developer Studio.


Second Release of e(fx)clipse Project

The second release of Tom Schindl’s e(fx)clipse project, is now available. e(fx)clipse 0.0.2 adds a JavaFX-Library for sharing your JavaFX-Projects with others, and a JavaFX-Project-Wizard that creates a Java-Project and then adjusts the Java Build Path to hold the configured JavaFX SDK. There are also improvements for value property proposals, with more planned for future releases.

e(fx)clipse is a new project that aims to provide Eclipse Tooling for JavaFX projects. Find out more about e(fx)clipse, in our interview with creator Tom Schindl.


STS 2.7.0 with Mylyn and EGit Updates

Version 2.7.0 of the SpringSource Tool Suite (STS), has been released. This update includes Mylyn 3.6, Groovy-Eclipse 2.5.1, Scala IDE 2.0.0 beta, and EGit 1.0, and supports both Grails 1.4.M1 and the Gradle project. The Spring Template Projects have also been updated. This will be the final release of STS that ships a new build of the dm Server tooling. More information is available at the New & Noteworthy (PDF.)


Heroku Cloud Platform Adds Clojure Support

The team behind the Heroku cloud application platform for Ruby has announced that their support for Clojure has entered beta, becoming the third official language supported by the platform. The support is available on the Celadon Cedar stack. Heroku list new use cases and Clojure’s still-evolving community as reasons for selecting Clojure as their next language to support.


dynaTrace AJAX Edition Adds Firefox 5 Support

dynaTrace have announced that dynaTrace AJAX Edition 3.2 Beta supports Firefox 5. The handling of corrupt dynaTrace Sessions has also been improved, with users now being able to open corrupt dynaTrace AJAX Sessions and see all data available in the session. Users should also be able to turn DOM/AJAX Tracing on for all pages in Firefox, whereas previously some Firefox pages could not leverage DOM and XHR Tracing.


Android Surpasses Apple in Latest Smartphone Report

According to data collected from comScore’s comScore MobiLens service, Google’s Android surpassed Apple as the top operating system during the three months ending in May 2011. comScore report that of the more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers they analysed, 38.1% of them owned an Android smartphone in May 2011 – up 5.1% from the last report in February. This is compared to Apple’s 26.6% share. RIM came in a close third, with 24.7% of the market share. But, it’s good news for the smartphone market in general, with the report concluding that 1 in 3 Americans now own a smartphone, calculating that 76.8 million people in the U.S owned smartphones during the three months ending in May 2011.

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