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JAXenter survey: These web frameworks remain a focal point in 2016

Dominik Mohilo
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The JAXenter survey will come to an end on Friday! We have asked our readers what technologies they want to use this year and, for the past three weeks, people who visit and have been diligently answering some questions we have prepared for them. There is still time to influence the outcome of our survey!

The JAXenter survey regarding your personal choices for the best technology trends of 2016 debuted on January 19, but there’s still time to tag along! Let us know which are the topics you would like to delve into this year!

Preliminary result: Web frameworks 2016

Almost every developer interested in the programming of web applications will need a web framework. Our interim results show that many developers prefer a ‘classic’: 27,3 percent of our respondents find Java EE 7 ‘very interesting’ and 28,5 percent believe it is ‘interesting’. In total, roughly 56 percent of the respondents have an interest in Java EE 7.


These results are not so different from the interim outcome regarding the trendiest programming languages of 2016; 50,5 percent of our readers said they are interested in Node.js this year, but just a third included Spring Web Flow in their ‘to-work-with’ list.



Respondents could not decide between Play Framework and Vaadin, which is why their results are similar: 28,7 percent expressed their interest in Play Framework while 27,2 percent said they find Vaadin interesting. Readers were less interested in dealing with Meteor -only about a fifth of the total number of respondents have an interest in using it.




Just 18,4 percent of our readers are interested in the Groovy-based Grails and no more than 12,8 percent expressed their interest in dealing with the component-based open-source web framework Apache Wicket. Roughly 10 percent of our respondents wish to work with (J)Ruby on Rails this year.




Last chance to participate!

You still have a chance to influence the outcome of the web frameworks topic.

If you want to have a say in the final results of the JAXenter survey about this year’s technology trends, you can still vote until February 19. Don’t miss the chance to tag along: your opinion matters!

Dominik Mohilo
Dominik Mohilo studied German and sociology at the Frankfurt University, and works at S&S Media since 2015.

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