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JAXenter survey: These software architecture technologies excite in 2016

Dominik Mohilo
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Our JAXenter survey is coming to an end! Countless readers have answered the question ‘What technologies do you want to use this year?’, but there is still time to influence the outcome of the survey. Take a look at our last interim result.

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Today (February 19) ends our large-scale JAXenter survey regarding this year’s technology trends. Don’t miss the chance to tag along: your opinion matters!

Interim result: Software architecture

For programmers, just a few things are more important than software architecture. The synergy between pivotal computer science components within a software system is at least as interesting for ambitious developers as simple codes. You can discover if this assumption is correct or not by taking at look at what our respondents have answered.

Software architecture in general is “very interesting” for 56,5 percent of respondents while 32,8 percent found it “interesting.” This means that a whopping 90 percent of readers are interested in software architecture this year.


Readers have made it clear that software architecture is one of their priorities in 2016, but security also scored big in the JAXenter survey. Roughly 76,4 percent of respondents said they are interested in security and 73,7 percent chose to focus on microservices this year.



System integration represents an interesting topic for 69 percent of our respondents, but only 62,5 percent said they would focus their attention on reactive applications.



Roughly 50 percent of our respondents have expressed interest in resilient software design (55,5 percent), domain-driven design (49,9 percent) and architecture documentation (49,3 percent).




The ‘losers’ of the software architecture techniques are (only formally) the following: only about a quarter (27,4 percent) of our respondents are interested in business process management this year and 26 percent want to dive into the programming of 12-factor app.

Dominik Mohilo
Dominik Mohilo studied German and sociology at the Frankfurt University, and works at S&S Media since 2015.