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JAXenter Masterclass 2019: Power up your skills with these four intense workshops

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JAXenter Masterclass

JAXenter proudly presents JAXenter Masterclass, a set of four intense workshops that provide comprehensive and up-to-date know-how on advanced Java, reliability, SQL and microservice architecture, taking place in London 2019. Get your tickets now and learn from the best!

Are you an experienced software developer or architect? Do you want to get into the latest technologies and methodologies to create modern and sustainable software systems for your customers? And would you like to grow your skill set and learn from the best experts in their domains? Then JAXenter Masterclass is for you.

With a balance of first-class knowledge and practical, hands-on experience, JAXenter Masterclass is designed to provide you with all the necessary tools for growth and success. Our trainers are renowned for their high-level expertise in their fields and are excited to share their knowledge with you.

Join JAXenter Masterclass and benefit from a unique and intense 2-day learning experience in the heart of London.

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JAXenter Masterclass consists of four intense workshops:

Building reliable systems

Your trainer: Russ Miles
When: May 13 – 14, 2019
Where: Park Plaza Victoria London

Users want reliability. Your business wants speed and agility. You need to invest in resilience, and this is the best course to get you rolling. Teaching patterns, practices and hard-won lessons from the trenches, Russ Miles takes you through effective Site Reliability Engineering, Reliable Delivery Strategies, Designing for Failure, Observability, Engineering Resilience, and Chaos Engineering.

Reactive and asynchronous Java: Apply the latest concurrency techniques to Java apps

Your trainers: Richard Warburton and Raoul-Gabriel Urma
When: May 16 – 17, 2019
Where: Park Plaza Victoria London

Looking for the best ways to build reactive and asynchronous Java apps? Presented by Java champions Richard Warburton and Raoul-Gabriel Urma, this hands-on Masterclass course teaches developers to apply the latest asynchronous concurrency techniques to build state-of-the-art Java apps for microservices and service-oriented architectures.

Upgrade your SQL skills to the next level

Your trainer: Lukas Eder
When: May 13 – 14, 2019
Where: Park Plaza Victoria London

Simplify your SQL databases and improve performance with this Masterclass workshop from Lukas Eder. Too often, SQL databases are overly complex and poorly leveraged. Thanks to skills you will learn in this hands-on workshop, you can vastly improve your SQL code with a little extra expertise!

Building microservices

Your trainer: Sam Newman
When: May 16 – 17, 2019
Where: Park Plaza Victoria London

In this workshop, we’ll share some framing for microservice architectures that explore the various forces that can drive the design and evolution of microservices. We’ll go over what microservices are, their advantages and disadvantages, and explore lots of practical advice to help implement microservices in your own organization. You’ll participate in a series of interactive architectural exercises to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Afterward, you’ll have a series of tools to take back to your own organizations to put into practice.

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