JAX Conf in America

JAX USA – It’s about Java, it’s about Web, Architecture, Cloud and Agile

Jessica Thornsby

Very Early Bird discount ends this week!

JAX, one of the world’s most comprehensive conferences on web and enterprise development, will be coming to the USA later this year, in co-operation with JSF Summit. The conference will feature tracks dedicated to all the hot topics in the Java ecosystem, including Spring, Cloud Computing, Java EE and Web Architecture. There will also be a Mobile day that covers Android, iOS, Blackberry, the mobile web, and more, and a day that discusses all the new programming languages for the Java platform. Keep checking the JAX website for more information on sessions and speakers, as they’re confirmed!

Thinking of attending JAX USA? The Very Early Bird discount ends this week! Register by Friday 18th March and save up to $400!


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