Take the open source road

Open source skills are a boost for career prospects — if you don’t believe it, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

We invited the Eclipse Foundation, The Apache Software Foundation, Cloud Foundry, Red Hat, Hyperledger and more to show you why open source is important. You’ll surely learn a lot from their experiences!

But don’t take my word for it! Open the magazine and allow their passion to “infect” you.


Inside this issue

The advantages of open source tools   

Kayla Matthews

What makes an open source project succeed?

Jane Elizabeth

Who should fund open source projects?

Jane Elizabeth

Producing Open Source Software: “Free” versus “Open Source” 

Karl Fogel

Open Source: Less talk, more work

Jonathan Marsh

Running a successful open source project

Wayne Beaton and Gunnar Wagenknecht

The new workspace currency is open source

Tracy Miranda

Why enterprises are flocking to open source

Abby Kearns

“The Apache Way” — Open source done well

Ignasi Barrera

A way forward with open source and Blockchain 

Marta Piekarska

Balancing security and innovation in open source

James Read

Open Source: The recipe to success

Milen Dyankov

CloudStack-UI overcomes limitations of ACS

Interview with Ivan Kudryavtsev

How well do you know your Java trivia?

Rahul Tripathi

What role will Java play in the future of Big Data and IoT?

Jane Reyes

There is too much allowance for tolerating toxic people in tech

Interview with Tracy Miranda