Reactive programming with Scala, Lagom, Spark, Akka and Play

“We believe that a coherent approach to systems architecture is needed, and we believe that all necessary aspects are already recognized individually: we want systems that are Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Message Driven. We call these Reactive Systems.” – The Reactive Manifesto

Reactive programming means different things to different people and we are not trying to reinvent the wheel or define this concept. Instead, we are allowing our authors to prove how Scala, Lagom, Spark, Akka and Play coexist and work together to create a reactive universe.

If the definition “stream of events” does not satisfy your thirst for knowledge, get ready to find out what reactive programming means to our experts in Scala, Lagom, Spark, Akka and Play. Plus, we talked to Scala creator Martin Odersky about the impending Scala 2.12, the current state of this programming language and the technical innovations that await us.

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Inside this issue

The current state of Scala

Interview with Martin Odersky

Reactive microservices with Scala and Akka

Vaughn Vernon

What’s new in Akka?

Dr. Roland Kuhn

Dedicated to doing the right thing
Manuel Bernhardt

Compile-time dependency injection in the Play framework

Marius Soutier

The Lagom Framework

Lutz Hühnken

Big Data becomes Fast Data

Jochen Mader

Expert checklist — Why Scala and not Java?
Interview with Heiko Seeberger, Daniel Westheide, Daniela Sfregola, Julien Tournay, Markus Hauck and Ivan Kusalic

DevOpsCon 2016: Our mission statement. This is how we interpret modern DevOps

Sebastian Meyen

Checklist: Why are microservices important for you? — Part 3
Interview with Daniel Bryant