Ring in the new year with tech predictions

We started the year with a series of tech nightmares to keep you on your toes, but now it’s time to have a look at the most promising trends for 2019. We’ve decided to ring in the new year with predictions from the tech industry’s finest. Today, we’re looking at data security, DevOps, DevSecOps, CI/CD, cloud computing, containers and serverless, all wrapped up in nostalgic reflections and hopeful predictions.

Fun fact: Most of the articles included in the current issue are written by JAX DevOps speakers so if you want to find out more about the topics presented in this JAX Magazine, you’ll have to attend their sessions. There’s still time to secure a spot in their talks; there are several different kinds of tickets available, so no matter what your needs are, there is sure to be a deal that fits you.

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Inside this issue

Top 10 DevOps topics to look for in 2019

Helen Beal

Five tech trends we’ll see in 2019

Todor Gigilev

Decision-making: Data security in 2019

Ralf Huuck

Is DevOps going to eat the world?

Abby Kearns

Embracing DevSecOps in 2019

Tim Mackey

Continuous delivery in 2019

Michiel Rook

Five tips for utilizing CI/CD for microservices

Nir Koren

What more to expect from CI/CD in 2019?

Ambreen Sheikh

Cloud computing in 2019

Daniel Bryant

What 2019 will bring for the cloud

Jeff Keyes

Ten directions for Kubernetes to go in 2019

Andrew Martin

Reaching for the stars with Kubernetes in 2019

Jussi Nummelin

Bringing serverless to Kubernetes with Knative

Hubert Ströbitzer

Will serverless replace containers in 2019?

John Gray

Three tips for serverless success in 2019

Richard Seroter

Serverless is here to stay

Nate Taggart

How to succeed in tech: Tips and tricks

Profile: Isabel Muñoz Vilacides