Programming mistakes to avoid

New year, new JAX Magazine issue. If you’re looking for something light after overindulging on Christmas goodies, this is not it.

All developers make mistakes, no matter how experienced they are. There are always new mistakes to make but once you come to terms with this flaw that we all share, you’ll be alright. If your New Year’s resolution is to help others, you should write down your mistakes and share them with the community so that others can learn from them.

This is exactly what our authors did so that you can enjoy a collection of horror stories about technical debt, automation traps, blockchain nightmares, data tsunamis, DevOps ordeals, container tragedies and more.


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Inside this issue

Does technical debt still matter in DevSecOps? 

Mike Bursell

How wrong technology can cause nightmares

Richard Gall

Falling into the automation honey trap

Oren Eini

A Blockchain nightmare

Glenn Mariën

Banks drown in a data tsunami: Solutions

Karen Krivaa

The tangible costs of bad data

Christophe Thibault

Best and worst Java 11 experiences

Java experts

Don’t use Jenkins Pipelines for CD

Steve Burton

Scan your container in build time 

Shiri Ivtsan

Does serverless spell the death of containers?

Darren Royle

10 professional red flags to watch out for 

Kostis Kapelonis

Beginner’s guide: Java programming nightmares

Georgi Minkov

Learning from DevOps nightmares

Brian Dawson

To catch a bug

Irit Shwarchberg

How to get (and stay) into the tech industry

Sherry List

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