The devil is in the keywords

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Java? How about blockchain, DevOps and microservices? If you want to learn about emerging technologies or dive deeper into topics you’re already familiar with (I’m looking at you Java 9), what better way to do that than to go straight to the source?

Open the magazine and allow the experts (all 14 of them) to shower you with information.

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Inside this issue

Microservices are more than just a hype  

Interview with Kai Tödter

Building microservices infrastructure in seven days — It’s possible!

Gil Tayar

The error of our ways: Reliability

Interview with Kevlin Henney

“You cannot buy DevOps in a box.”

Interview with Anders Wallgren

“Containers demand operational responsibility.”

Interview with Daniel Bryant

“We’re just on the edge of blockchain’s potential.”

Interview with Brian Behlendorf

Blockchain – A game-changer in financial services

Interview with Eoin Woods

“There is no Java 9 without Jigsaw.”

Interview with Georges Saab

“Modules are very much a feature for the long-term.”

Interview with Stephen Colebourne

“Java 9 is much bigger than Jigsaw.”

Interview with Monica Beckwith

The power list: Top 20 Java influencers of 2017

JAX Editorial Team

Java 9 and the future of modularity

Interview with Marcus Biel

Personal highlight of Eclipse Oxygen: Java 9 support

Interview with Mike Milinkovich of the Eclipse Foundation

Java is not without its potential pitfalls

AJ Philips

“Diversity ensures continuous innovation”

Interview with Abby Kearns, Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation