The revolution is here

Although a lot of people see the containers and serverless “brawl” as a war story, this is an excellent pretext for a partnership as they work best when they work together. The current JAX Magazine issue is all about serverless computing and containers – how they compete with one another and how they compliment each other. Experts discuss use cases for both technologies, and whether or not you should adopt the trend or stick with what’s been working.

Have you adopted serverless and loved it, or do you prefer containers? Are you still unsure and want to know more before making a decision? This JAX Magazine issue will give you everything you need to know about containers and serverless computing but it won’t decide for you. Dig in!


Inside this issue

DevOps in an immutable world

Transform your IT capabilities

How do we keep containers secure?

Data protection for the DevOps era

How to avoid a cloud lock-in

It must be about more than just orchestration

Monitoring containers with machine data

Monitoring and troubleshooting 101

Containers or serverless: Which is better?

A head to head battle

Straight to serverless

The future of cloud native development

Monitoring serverless computing

We need to think differently about apps, containers,and infrastructure

More containers, better system visibility

How to highlight the metrics we need

A multi-platform world

PaaS, containers and serverless: The logical extension of the multi-cloud

Living in a post-container world

Serverless vs. containers

Serverless adoption

Reap the benefits

Serverless computing: Trends and prospects

When your head’s in the clouds…

Who will win the serverless war?

Meet the contestants: AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or Google Cloud Functions

Serverless’ position in the IT landscape

Interview with Liang Wang, co-author of “Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms”

Serverless applications: Top 6 API security needs


Containers: Big opportunity or big distraction?

Are containers worth the effort?

Serverless: Evolution or revolution of the cloud?

Interview with Maciej Winnicki, Principal Software Engineer at Serverless Inc.

Companies should run serverless on Kubernetes

An unspoken truth of serverless