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Given the immense choice of new technologies available, the key question for today’s developer is “do I really need this technology?”

Cassandra 3.0, Apache Apex and the Varnish API 2.0 have all brought useful new improvements – but do you need them? Do you need to think more about the problems of cultural change that arrive with the Cloud? What new trends do you need to be aware of in the DevOps scene? And should you be worried if automated testing is better than manual testing? Take a look inside to find the answers.


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Inside this issue

DATA: Turn your search engine into your best salesperson
Doug Turnbull

DATA: Smart thinking for next-gen datacentre resiliency
Nadir Yilmaz

DATA: Big data with Apacha Apex – Open-source streaming analytics
Desmond Chan

DATA: What’s new in Cassandra 3.0?
Jonathan Ellis

DATA: Getting started with PostGIS
Adam Wright

DEVOPS: DevOps trends for 2016
Kurt Milne

DEVOPS: Microservices – agreements must be kept
Tobias Bayer & Hendrik Still

CLOUD: Want better control over Cloud changes?
Sheldon Smith

MOBILE: Cross-platform app development – the costs and benefits
Paul Francis

TESTING: Manual vs. automated testing
Jason Silberman

WEB: Overcoming web re-design challenges
Gail Yui

WEB: Taking the Varnish API Engine 2.0 for a test drive
Per Buer

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