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JAX Magazine: Innovation Awards 2014 Special

Lucy Carey

Featuring exclusive interviews with JFrog, Vert.X, Docker, and more – get inside the minds of the top Java and open source movers and shakers in 2014.

One of the greatest pleasures of writing for a community- centric publication like JAX is watching young projects take off, driven by the enthusiasm of the devs who want to see it come into being. Innovation is the lifeblood of the tech industry – and that’s why the JAX Innovation Awards continue to generate such a buzz. These awards are designed to highlight and celebrate the most exciting movers and shakers in both Java and open technology. With this in mind, for 2014, the categories are as follows: Most innovative Java Technology, Most innovative Open Technology, and Most innovative Open Tech Business.

Once again we’ve had a fantastic response to our call for nominees, and after much deliberation, our elite jury panel arrived on fifteen finalists. The community then had the job of voting for the winner. In this issue, we talk to the ultimate champions for 2014, as well as the other admirable nominees. We want to know where these guys get their inspiration, how they came to be leading the pack, and what we can expect from them in the near future.

Read on for the inside story from pioneers involved in projects such as Docker, Frege, and more. Along with that, we’re getting the lowdown on RoboVM, a tech that promises to change the way Java devs approach the iPhone, and having a bit of a Cassandra birthday celebration. All that leaves me to say is a hearty congratulations to all our nominees, and a big thank you to everyone from the community who took the time to cast a vote.

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