Free meetup at Jenkins User Conference

JAX London warmup – “The Technology Behind Billion Dollar Businesses”

JAXenter Editorial Team
John Davies speaking at the JAX Finance (© S&S Media)

Join us at the Jenkins User Conference on Tuesday for a free pop-up JAX London networking event and an exclusive talk on the plight of working for a billion dollar company.

For those of you excited about the upcoming JAX London conference, we have another event for you to dig your teeth into. JAX has proudly partnered up with the Jenkins User Conference to host John Davies for a session called “The Technology of Billion Dollar Businesses“.

Davies is the well-known co-founder of C24, a London-based software house specialising in high performance Java, integration and analytics. His hands on approach has also seen him author several papers on Java 8, binary codecs and low-latency integration, on top of being up to date with all the buzz.

When: Tuesday, June 23, 6-8pm
Where: Jenkins User Conference, Hilton Metropole, London

During his chat, Davies will share his experience about working in a billion dollar company, where you start to deal with a lot more crap than you want to. Legacy code, annoying clients that insist on staying on the 20 year old version of your product, and those other clients that only want to deal with leading edge technology are all par for the course.

Sign up for the free warmup event here

What you’ll take away from this session is a walk through the big money technology landscape, languages, open source, databases (RDBMSs), in-memory caching (IMDBs), OSs, Virtualisation, MicroServices, Hadoop, Cloud and as many other buzzwords as you can think of.

The warmup event will also give you the opportunity to expand your network, as well as ensuring you’re well fed and watered, of course. Join other like-minded developers and professionals in wanting to know what technology is behind the successful, money-making enterprises. We look forward to seeing you there!

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