Jax London, OSGi DevCon London 2010 and Free JAX Community Night


Today, JAX London is running in parallel with OSGi DevCon London, with up to four sessions running concurrently.

JAX London keynotes will be presented by Ted Neward and Kirk Knoernschild, who will cover Iconoclasm in the industry and OSGi in the Enterprise. The JAX London sessions will introduce agile and AJAX topics, in addition to Java EE, JavaServer Faces and architecture. Mike Keith of Oracle Corporation will debate ‘OSGi and Java EE: Friend Of Foe?’ Roman Pichler will deliver a session on how to manage product backlog, and Ted Neward will introduce us to Clojure in the afternoon.

The OSGi DevCon side of today’s programme includes overview sessions of the OSGi JPA Standard, dm server 2.0, the Pax Exam 2.0 OSGi Testing Platform, and bringing OSGi to the Cloud. There are three workshops aiming to give attendees some hands-on experience of OSGi. These workshops cater for everyone, from newcomers to OSGi, to those with a good working experience of service based designs and OSGi.

Tonight, there is a free JAX Community night where JAX London speakers will debate ‘Scala, Groovy, JRuby, Clojure: Which JVM Language Is For You? Meanwhile, OSGi DevCon will deliver an evening keynote asking ‘What’s New in the OSGi 4,2 Enterprise Release?’ and a session introducing attendees to the Aries Apache Incubator Project and the Eclipse Gemini Project.

Non-conference attendees can register for the Community Night for free. If you missed today’s conference, sign up for the Community Night now, and enjoy the free OSGi keynote, the Aries and Gemini introduction session and JVM Language debate!

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