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Ask me anything: JAX London 2018 community questions

JAX London
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Are you ready for JAX London 2018? We’re gearing up for the next installment of our favorite conference series. This year, we especially want to hear from our community! So, if you’ve got a burning question for any of our speakers, let us know.

We’re counting down the days until JAX London 2018. But until then, we’ve getting ready with a community interview series!

It’s the same story at every session at every conference: there’s never enough time for the Q&A section before the session ends. So, this year, we’re giving the JAXenter community the chance to ask their questions ahead of time! We’ll collect the best questions and ask them to our distinguished speakers, so you don’t have to fight for the microphone in London. We’ve got a short Google survey for you to fill out below before June 15th.

Have a quick look at our speaker list and full program preview here for more inspiration. And remember, please keep your questions for our JAX London speakers respectful and productive!

If you’re having trouble viewing the form above, please follow this link to the survey.

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